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Easydek Multi Cover Breathable Project

Conventional Protection VS Worksite Solutions Protection

How many times have you rolled corrugated cardboard held together with masking tape and used that as a form of protection for your staircase railing? Or how about layers of newspaper coupled with sticky tape to ‘protect’ your floor? It’s become commonplace to believe that you are stretching the dollar by using such DIY methods.

However, we offer more pragmatic, and – believe it or not – cost effective solutions. Ranging from floor to frame protection, we provide efficient alternatives to your conventional solutions.

Cardboard for your carpet? We have the Applicator, which is not only durable, but ironically easier to install. Bubble wrap for your door and window frames? Meet the Frame-Cover, an actual adaptable foam-fitting protection against dents and scrape. Last month’s newspaper for your staircases while you paint? Designed especially for perfect protection against dripping paint on your sensitive flooring, our Multi-Cover Basic has got your back.

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