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Types of Temporary Site Protection

Carpet Cover

When it comes to the range of temporary protections, it’s safe to say our bases are covered. Looking for something to protect your carpets? EasyDek’s Carpet Cover is a durable, adhesive film tailored to stay in place; an ideal choice for carpet staircases.

Floor and Carpet Cover Applicator

Need a swift protection fix for your floors? The Floor and Carpet Cover Applicator serves as a robust floor and carpet protector that doesn’t require any messy and frayed floor cover joints held by flimsy tape.

Frame Cover

When moving or installing large objects, have you ever bumped or scraped them against the edges of doors or windowsills, only to have defects that need rectifications later?  Our reusable, foam Frame Cover helps you prevent inflicting damage in such scenarios. Its ergonomic design enables convenient installation sans tape or screws too.

There’s more, such as protection specialised for paint works and anti-slip covers. Discover more and start protecting your interiors at: Temporary Site ProtectionCarpet Cover, Floor Carpet Applicator and Frame Cover