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Vinyl Flooring: Making Sure That Their Beauty Does Not Fade Over Time

Vinyl Flooring: Making sure that their beauty does not fade over time

Vinyl Flooring: Making sure that their beauty does not fade over time

Vinyl Flooring: Making sure that their beauty does not fade over time

When I did mention that vinyl flooring is low maintenance in previous articles, it is certainly not indestructible. And we could still use some minimum care for your vinyl flooring. Fortunately, regular cleaning for vinyl flooring is an inexpensive process. Below are ways to maintain your vinyl flooring, so that they look as good as the day you laid them.

Act on it now

The best way to protect your vinyl flooring? Get dirt off before it gets ground in.

Frequent sweeping or vacuuming can certainly pick up small stones and dirt that could scratch the surface and even dull the shine of your vinyl flooring.

When you spill something on your flooring, mop it up very soon to prevent stains.

Damp mop always does the job

For some dirt that just doesn’t come off even with vacuuming, use a mop slightly dampened with warm water. But bear in mind, moisture from a wet mop can easily damage your vinyl flooring when the water works its way into the seam and edges, wakening the bond holding them together.

Make sure your mop is ring out enough or it will cause your vinyl flooring to come loose and the corners will curl.

Low impact cleaning

If your flooring requires more cleaning, try to use the mildest possible method. When it is tempting to use a heavy duty cleanser, it is very possible that it would strip of the wax or the coating that gives your flooring the shine.

You can use solution of warm water and detergent, applying small amount with a sponge, rubbing enough on the vinyl flooring to loosen dirt. Remember to rinse of all solution thoroughly after that.

Prevention is the best solution

If you are trying to move something across the room, DO NOT drag and slide them. When a furniture is too heavy, it’s very possible that it would leave scratches on your flooring! Also, try to place protective pads (such as felt) under the legs of heavy furniture, tables and chairs.

As for offices, it’s best to put a doormat at your entrance way so most of the dirt can be stopped even before it is brought into the office.


Rest assure you’ll get your flooring look lovely for years with above methods!