Flexible Format
Choose from modules with ramped PVC edging or rolls in standard widths and 33″ (10m) length.

Simple Installation
This industrial mat is easy to cut on site and contour to uneven surfaces.

Easy to Maintain
No special cleaning tools needed; easy to clean with high pressure hose


Hard-wearing, slip resistance matting perfect for commercial & industrial

Your number one defence against slippery environments, Vynagrip is heavy-duty slip-resistant matting designed to withstand all kinds of liquids. The mat’s diamond tread pattern provides superior traction underfoot, which not only helps to reduce the risk of people slipping but also helps to prevent equipment and vehicles from skidding. Made from non-porous PVC with a two-layer grid construction, Vynagrip is impermeable to fluids and can withstand low temperatures without cracking or curling. The open grid also ensures excellent drainage, making it ideal for workplaces where spillages are likely, such as industrial environments, commercial workplaces and commercial food service areas like soft drinks dispensers, drink fridges, walk-in freezers and walk-in fridges.

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